Friday, August 20, 2010

Victor Ekanem Interview

Here is our exclusive friday afternoon interview with Longford's Shamrock Rovers loan-star Victor Ekanem.

Okay so Victor Longfords season has been very up and down, what do you think?

Yeah it has. It was a totally different team this year, and it takes a bit of time for players to gel! Teams getting more united now compared to the start of the season

Yes and with you hovering above the danger zone in mid-table, what would your aims for the season be?

At this stage we would be relatively happy with a top half finish! Or go as far as we can depending on other results!

Yeah, and you yourself have been scoring some important goals for the Town, are you happy with your form?

Yeah, whatever I can do to help the team you know! Yeah been happy enough, just looking to get as much experience I can

So what has your highlight of the season been? Was it scoring the winner in El Grand Classico against Athlone?

Ha yeah that was a good moment, was a great result for the team, we needed a boost you know. Also getting a result up in Derry, I think that was the turning point for us!

Yeah , well anyway we know you are on loan from Rovers, is your time there fun?

Its always great playing for such a big club you know, you learn alot from every one around you to improve my game

Well when you get back to rovers would you be hoping to get into the first team?

Hopefully to be in the squad! You never know in football! Rovers have got such a strong team and its almost impossible for anybody to get in!

Okay, well we are almost out of time, so here is the day’s random question: Who is your football idol?

No question who that is, I worship Rio Ferdinand! haha

We would like to thank Victor for his time doing the interview and reporter Donagh for doing the interview, goodbye